OnePlus responded exploded Nord 2T

After OnePlus 8 Pro, Nord 2T phone exploded unexpectedly

OnePlus Nord 2T smartphone always made its appearance in the positive feedback, however, the latest ‘exploded’ incident made consumers shocked! After OnePlus 8 Pro, a user informed the sudden eruption of the Nord 2T device.

Technology can be both a blessing and a curse. This phrase has been proven by OnePlus handsets these days. In our previous report, we mentioned how the OnePlus 8 Pro battery burst out, even when it was in idle condition. Though the happening didn’t harm the user, it was quite unexpected.

Following the same series, a OnePlus Nord 2T user named Vipul said that his phone exploded without being damaged. And the shocking point is, the incident took place with a new model that was purchased a few days ago.

According to the details, the person was riding a bike when his handset blasted unexpectedly, into his pocket. This accident harmed the user on his hands, due to which he was immediately admitted to the hospital. Though at present he is in perfect health.

The user further contacted the OnePlus customer service and other official sites. However, after an inquiry, the technicians responded that the phone owner is himself responsible for the explosion and there is no fault of the company.

Of course, the company won’t have intentionally made such mechanisms. Yet, they still have the responsibility to check the issue and help their customers when in need. Sadly, this note has bombarded social media to capture the company’s attention and make them work on its hardware products more dedicatedly.

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Being a technical element, it is obvious to face some problems with phones and their software. But accidents like these could risk someone’s life. Perhaps, OnePlus should look into such matters and work appropriately on the development of its smartphones.


OnePlus Nord 2T exploded

After OnePlus 8 Pro, Nord 2T phone exploded unexpectedly

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