It’s official: OnePlus is coming back to Indonesia

OnePlus Indonesia official

OnePlus has made an official statement and confirmed that it will soon step back into Indonesia. It is quite interesting for the consumers and fans who are residing in the respective region and are eager to experience the latest gadgets and software upgrades from the brand.

Accordingly, the topic itself raises several questions in users‘ minds. For instance, Was OnePlus not selling its devices in Indonesia? If yes, why the company didn’t count this region under its sales markets? And if yes, why did the tech maker back off?

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The flashback reveals that OnePlus used to serve in Indonesia. So far, the company made good sales and profits as well as earned a lot of affection for its devices among residents. Also, to expand the infrastructure, the firm partnered with Lazada – an international e-commerce company in January 2015.

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However, the Nord developer pulled back its legs from the Indonesian market in June 2016. A major reason behind this act was local regulations for imported 4G smartphones, which have restricted sales of the OnePlus 2 models.

As a result, OnePlus official channels and developers halted operations in Indonesia to avoid complicated rules on importing smartphones. Meanwhile, tech creators like Samsung, Oppo, and Asus were doing well.

But finally! No more restrictions and OnePlus is all set to land in the Indonesian region once again. The company has given new hope to the country folks and opened new channels on Twitter, FaceBook, Telegram, and other social media platform.

OnePlus Indonesia official

On the flip side, a tech observer shared a huge post integrating the message of the official OnePlus Indonesia account and has further verified that we could soon hear about the launch of new devices in the region.

It’s not confirmed when the company will announce its recent creations release in Indonesia. But it would be worth seeing whether the company will make any changes to its gadgets as per the country’s regulations or not.