Leak shows OnePlus 11 special edition with unique back panel design

OnePlus 11 special edition design

OnePlus 11 special edition started binding the scenario for its unique introduction. Meanwhile, a leak has just hit our news lane and revealed the OnePlus 11 special edition with an impressive and slightly different back panel design.

The famed tipster @ShishirShelke1 recently shared a post on his Twitter wall. Eventually, the tweet reflects a brand-new shot of the OnePlus 11 special edition with a bold and classy design.

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Earlier, the OnePlus China President – Li JieLouis teased the new phone in a giant poster. To recall, the image highlighted the planet Jupiter with an unclear structure of the OnePlus 11 over it. Following the teaser, the overall framework of the phone exhibits a Jupiter-inspired look.

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While the concept of the device structure is clearly matching the bloodline of the OnePlus 11 series, the difference arises at the rear face of the gadget. Unlike the usual green and black shades, the special version will glorify a creamy yet wooden-like texture.

OnePlus 11 special edition design

As mentioned by a Weibo tipster, the special edition will feel cold and cool on the hands, which often struck our minds with the term marble. With an easy surface, the handset will bring a comfortable grip.

Alternatively, the word cool also hints that the device could attain better techs regarding heat dissipation. This will make the battery life prolong when operating heavy tasks.

OnePlus is using some extraordinary material for the upcoming variant. More likely, the element is being used on the device for the first time in the industry. Thus, it makes everyone more curious about the next model.

Though, neither OnePlus nor tipsters have given any specific info about the device. However, the leaks and rumors have shown a view of – something ‘unusual’ is going to strike the floor. Thus, we could expect that the mysterious gadget will soon unveil itself in the coming days with bashing and useful features.


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