OnePlus 10T users stuck with annoying screen flash issue [Video]

OnePlus 10T screen flash issue

OnePlus 10T is another high-fy model that offers the best user experience to its owner. The device contains a robust display and ultimate battery that enhances performance efficiently. However, in recent times, many OnePlus 10T phone holders complained about the screen flash issue on their devices.

A OnePlus 10T user recently stepped into the community forum and reported a constant screen flash issue. Describing the defect, the owner said that whenever he tries to wake up the screen, a sudden flash appears at the bottom of the display. Eventually, the issue is not only annoying but also terrifies the user.

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Further, the user explains that the screen flickers just before it turns on. Even after disabling most of the display elements (for example AOD, fingerprint, lift-to-wake, and adaptive brightness) the issue continues to emerge on the phone screen.

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To showcase the exact problem of the OnePlus 10T screen, the user shared a video clip, where he taps on the screen and experiences a sudden flash at the bottom of the display panel. You can check the video below.

OnePlus 10T screen flash issue

Accordingly, the user also mentioned that the issue has banged on the device after the new update. Thus, it could be just a software issue and not a hardware-related bug. However, the constant interruption on the screen has puzzled the user.

“Following the latest NA update, when my 10T’s screen wakes up, the bottom half will flash briefly just before the screen turns on. I’m hoping it’s simply a software issue and not a hardware issue but at this point, I’m not sure.”

It looks like that’s not only the case with the T-labeled device but with the Pro variant as well. A OnePlus 10 Pro user said that he has been facing the same issue. The only difference is – the entire screen is affected.

So far, we didn’t find any solution to this defect. But we hope that the company will soon release a fix and improvement update for this issue. Are you also facing a screen flash issue on your OnePlus 10T device? Let us know in the comment section.


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