OnePlus 11 Jupiter Edition uses material that the industry has never seen before

OnePlus 11 Jupiter Edition material

OnePlus 11 Jupiter Edition is the new addition to the smartphone lineup with extraordinary material. There is a lot to explore in the newly launched handset. However, the ultimate texture of the device has specifically become an interesting topic of discussion.

Last month, the Chinese tech giant has unveiled the standard model – OnePlus 11 among consumers. To our surprise, the company didn’t take much time to forge a new smartphone version with a unique design and features.

Eventually, the OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock Limited Edition makes its way to the user ground with a ‘never seen before’ material, and it’s something that may surprise you. So let’s begin the exploration of this special version.

OnePlus 11 Jupiter Edition material

The recent launch conference begins with a flashback of previous limited edition models. OnePlus China President – Li JieLouis recalled the first-generation OnePlus 1, which adopted baby skin innovative process material.

The back cover of the OnePlus 1 has gone three-layer mechanism to get a smooth and even texture. Thus, the phone is no longer as cold as a machine, but as smooth as a baby’s skin.

On the side hand, the company also tried and tested the bamboo material. Yes, you read that right. After 28 processes that include drying, carbonization, dehydration, degreasing, and lamination, the natural bamboo become a finished mobile phone case. The covers bring a unique texture that cannot be replicated.

OnePlus 11 Jupiter Edition material

OnePlus 11 Jupiter Edition Material

In the latest development, the manufacturer has introduced a 3D microcrystalline rock. As per the details, this element is being used for the first time in the industry. Moreover, this material is built in an all-new production line, and still the overall processing is extremely difficult.

To ensure the maximum expression of Jupiter’s beauty, unique feel, excellent texture, and reliability, OnePlus has exclusively developed nine major processes including “natural graining”, and achieved 100% manual selection.

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And that’s how the company developed a new handy gadget for its consumers. While the other specifications of the device are similar to the standard version, the design is something that has stolen the glance of users.

OnePlus 11 Jupiter Edition material


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