Even after four years, OnePlus 7 Pro pop-up camera works perfectly: Users report

OnePlus 7 Pro pop-up camera

OnePlus has mastered implementing the best camera techs to its devices. And one of the most perfect examples of this statement is the mechanical pop-up camera of the OnePlus 7 Pro that works just flawlessly even after four years.

A Twitter user recently shared a post flaunting her OnePlus 7 Pro and its amazing pop-up camera in a short clip. Alternatively, the blogger penned down an interesting caption, reflecting how the four-year-old device is still capable to operate efficiently.

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Surprising point is, OnePlus has halted the OxygenOS software update distribution for the respective models. Even so, the devices are performing well in every sector. Whether we talk about the camera, functioning, or battery – OnePlus 7 Pro scored excellent grades.

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Agreeing with the tweet, many OnePlus fans said that the 7 Pro handset works like a charm. Meanwhile, some users said that pop-up cameras are the real stars in smartphones, whereas the under-display lens has just become a pointless component.

On the flip side, many users supported saying OnePlus 7 Pro has been an incredible invention in the history of smart gadgets. Not only the hardware elements, but the phone has excelled in terms of software as well, by providing a near-stock Android experience with useful customizations.

Since many consumers keep asking why the tech maker ditched the pop-up mechanism, it is because the respective technology takes more space and adds weight to the handset. Further, for imposing dust/water protection, it was mandatory to remove it.

Up to this point, we have seen several OnePlus smartphones with ultimate specs and features. The latest OnePlus 11 model is constantly giving a tough spot to other flagships in the market. Moreover, we will soon have the impressive Nord 3 in our hands.

Yet, some users still prefer the old OnePlus 7 Pro and ask the company persistently to remake the mentioned model. What is your perspective on this matter? Do you want to see a OnePlus 7 Pro again on the consumer platform? Or have you faced issues with the device? Let us know in the comment section.

OnePlus 7 Pro pop-up camera


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