OnePlus 9R users report refresh rate issue with OxygenOS 13 upgrade

OnePlus 9R refresh rate issue

It’s been a long while since OnePlus released the stable OxygenOS 13 update for the old flagship – OnePlus 9 series. But it looks like some problems are constantly emerging for the respective handset users. In the latest edition, a OnePlus 9R owner reported a refresh rate issue on his device.

As per the details, the OnePlus 9 series devices, especially the R-tagged models are persistently showing a reduction in refresh rates and touch sampling points. Even when having 90Hz and above ratings, the device often works only in 60Hz or fewer refresh rates for some of the applications.

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Further, the OnePlus 9R user said that the refresh rate issue occurs when the device uses high fps (frame per second) gaming apps. For instance, PUBG, BGMI, Clash of clans, and other apps that support 90-120Hz refresh rate. But unknowingly, the phone only produces 60fps.

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Adding more, the user mentions that there were no such troubles when the device was running on the OxygenOS 11 and 12th build versions. However, after the OxygenOS 13 upgrade, the pointed issue is appearing in almost every OnePlus smartphone.

OnePlus 9R refresh rate issue

“Recently, I have detected behavior of the OnePlus 9R running on OxygenOS 13 with issues of fake refresh rate and touch sampling rate. When we use high fps games like PUBG, BGMI, Clash of Clans which support 90-120Hz fps in-game, the device produces 60fps, which used to be 120fps dynamic on a previous version of OxygenOS 11, 12.”

Following the thread and statement, another user said that this is a genuine issue that has been complained about by a lot of users in recent days. On the flip side, a consumer stated that not only games but some social media applications such as Snapchat and Instagram are also facing the same issue.

So far, the company has not pushed out any fix for this issue so far. But seeing the severity of this bug, we expect that the tech maker will soon provide a solution to this problem in the coming days.


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