OnePlus explains why OxygenOS updates can’t fix number badge display issue for apps

OnePlus number badge issue

OnePlus is finally answering every question that users have been asking so far. Recently, the Chinese tech maker also explained why several OxygenOS updates were not able to fix the number badge display issue for the apps in OnePlus devices.

For your information, the number badge for app icons is basically the number of messages or notifications within an application. If any app on your device has a notification, it will appear as a small circle or a number at the corner of the application icon.

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In simple words, it helps in identifying when an app contains a message for the user. Yes! The feature is quite interesting as well as useful. However, after the major OxygenOS 13 installation, the OnePlus user started facing the number badge display issue.

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Fortunately, the company acknowledged the issue and put it back into the devices. As a result, the feature once again became available with the forthcoming OxygenOS versions. But recently, the issue once again took over the lead in OnePlus handsets and started troubling users.

OnePlus number badge issue

Accordingly, a user asked the company why there are no number badges displayed in the applications. Ultimately, the OnePlus moderator come to the front side and explained the reason behind the problem.

The moderator said that this happens due to the policy of the third-party application vendors. Usually, they operate the overall application program and decide whether to display the number badges on the apps or not.

“This is the policy of third-party application vendors, who are authorized to decide whether to display the number badges of the Apps. We have already provided an interface for setting it.”

Eventually, you can check on the number badges for stock apps by visiting the Settings menu. Thereafter, select the Notifications & Status Bar section > App Icon Badges > Number for your checking.

For this moment, there is no accurate solution. Though we hope that the company will soon try to overcome this issue in the time ahead.

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