OnePlus market growth rate is far ahead within two months of 2023 – Li JieLouis

OnePlus market growth rate

OnePlus has unveiled the Ace 2V smartphone in the native region, and the pre-sale results are already amazing. But that’s not it! The OnePlus China President – Li JieLouis recently announced that the company has made appreciable raise in the market growth rate, within two months of this year.

To begin with, the president said that the popularity of the OnePlus Ace 2V is far above expectations. Meanwhile, the real-time pre-sale data is also incredible. It looks like the company has improved its hardware tech and mechanisms.

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Adding more, Li mentioned that famous e-commerce platforms asked the company ‘not to be out of stock anymore’.  Ultimately, everyone is showing their love and immense affection towards the new member of the OnePlus smartphone family.

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At the same time, Li JieLouis dragged our attention to the OnePlus market growth rate. The chief said that the company has shown worthwhile changes and obtained higher-than-expected success, just in the first two months of this year.

On the flip side, the Chinese company is becoming the fastest-growing mobile phone brand in the industry. Moreover, the proportion of new users exceeded 85%. Another exciting point is, the already launched products also managed to maintain a good value among consumers.

OnePlus market growth rate

Thus, it seems like the company is finally setting its legs back on the battleground, and is ready to compete with its rival in full energy. Here’s what else the OnePlus China President tried to state:

“As long as we insist on doing the right things that are beneficial to users, be the right lonely warrior, and continue to focus on making excellent products with ultimate performance, texture design, and flagship experience for users, I believe everything is just the beginning!”

Yes, we do anticipate the same. It’s time for OnePlus to look at the software side as well, and benefit the old fans who can only rely on the update rollouts for their devices and impressive experience.


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