OnePlus Pad pre-sale to begin on April 10 with amazing freebies

OnePlus Pad pre-sale April

OnePlus unveiled its first-ever tablet during Cloud 11 launch event. Although, the new invention wasn’t ready enough to make its way to users’ hands immediately. Finally, the tech maker has confirmed that the OnePlus Pad pre-sale will begin in April.

Yes, you read that right! As per the latest info surfing on the official channels of the brand, the company will initiate the OnePlus Pad pre-sale on the 10th of April. Alongside this, the pre-order process will bring a bunch of new freebies and offers for consumers.

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According to the huge banner shared on the official sites, the Pre-orders will begin on April 10th with some amazing gifts that you’ll love waiting for. While the freebies are still under the hood, some words on the poster reflect that users will stand a chance to win a OnePlus Pad or OnePlus Buds Z2.

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For holding the ultimate offerings in your hands, you need to tap on the “Notify me” tab on the OnePlus website. Perhaps, you need to pay a deposit first to enjoy these benefits. Thereafter, you can expend the remaining balance.

OnePlus Pad pre-sale April

Pay attention, the entire theory is only attached with the pre-order term and there is no information regarding the sale. This means that we need to wait for a little more for the major release.

In addition to the main sites, the company has also dropped some pinches on its Instagram handle (India). Although it does not read any specific date. Hence, we need more details on when the company will drag the tablet to the Indian and global markets.

OnePlus Pad pre-sale April

OnePlus Pad is a perfect combination of tech and features. The first-ever device appears on the floor with a large 11.61-inch LCD panel and holds a refresh rate of 144Hz. Besides, it sports a 13MP camera at the rear end, aligned at the center. The overall outlook of the device is enough to bind your eyes for a long while.