OnePlus ranks in top 5 cost-effective Android phones ranking

OnePlus cost-effective Android

AnTuTu has recently released the March 2023 list of cost-effective Android devices, and OnePlus ranked in the top 5 brands. A huge credit goes to the Ace 2 and Ace 2V models. Eventually, these phones came on the ground with ultimate features at an affording range.

The report highlights some of the Redmi and OnePlus devices at the first two positions in the cost-effective Android device list. To be specific, both brands are grabbing the budget-friendly smartphone market like wildfire.

It’s worth mentioning that both Redmi and OnePlus are present in the top three price rankings, which include 0-1999 yuan (0-290 USD), 1999 – 2999 yuan (290 – 435 USD), and 2999 – 3999 yuan (435 – 580 USD).

Out of these three, OnePlus Ace Racing Edition has obtained the second position in the 0-290 USD listing. Whereas, the OnePlus Ace 2V has successfully suppressed several handsets and took first place in the 290 – 435 USD pricing.

OnePlus cost-effective Android

That’s not it, the three new models namely OnePlus Ace, Ace 2, and Ace 2V entered the 290 – 435 USD pricing list and reflected the brand as the winner. Notably, two generations of the OnePlus Ace phone competed on the same stage.

OnePlus cost-effective Android

While most of the space in the achievement bar is taken by Redmi, OnePlus has proved that it can also serve the best performance under a cost-effective range. The newly launched OnePlus Ace 2V has not only attracted users with its rate but also made a positive impact with its soft design and powerful features.

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In the latest development, the company has brought down the Nord CE 3 Lite smartphone with striking features at a wonderful price. Perhaps, this phone will fruitfully take over the smartphone market with its impressive characteristics.


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