OnePlus Xiaomi Android 14 testing

Xiaomi began testing Android 14, what about OnePlus OxygenOS 14?

Android 14 is something that has covered every corner of the consumer platform. In recent times, we found some major developments that have started taking place. The latest one is Xiaomi testing Android 14 for its flagships, but what about OnePlus OxygenOS 14?

Yes! You read that right. Xiaomi has silently started Android 14 testing for its handsets including Xiaomi 13 and Pad 6 series. On the other hand, Nothing company announced that the Android 14 Beta is on its way for Nothing Phone (1).

Sadly, we didn’t catch any such official words from OnePlus. While Google is busy hammering new features on the coming OS version, OnePlus fans are still waiting to hear some good news from the company.

It is worth mentioning that OnePlus was the first to fire the Android 13 beta for its top-end models. However, this time things are working at a snail’s speed. As a result of which, OnePlus users are pouring questions on the availability of the forthcoming major upgrade.

Not only the Android 14-based firmware but OxygenOS 13.1 rollout schedule is torturing the device owners as well. At this point, the tech maker needs to make a slight declaration on when things will start taking shape for OxygenOS 14.

Speaking of the features, OxygenOS 14 will introduce a bunch of flattering elements. From a dynamic Material You theming to separate volume sliders, we have a lot to explore in this new upgrade. This is another reason, why OnePlus users tempt to hear points on this matter.

A few days ago, tipster @Shishirshelke1 said that OnePlus 11 Android 14 developer preview will release somewhere in May. The news has impressively delighted OnePlus fans. Although again, we didn’t find much input on this topic.

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Xiaomi is pacing ahead of OnePlus in Android 14 testing. It’s time when the Nord developer should add a few points on this subject for maintaining clarity among users. Let’s see how many more days we have to wait for the good news.

OnePlus Xiaomi Android 14 testing

Xiaomi began testing Android 14, what about OnePlus OxygenOS 14?

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