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New Google Pixel tablet to launch with a stylus

Google Pixel tablet Stylus

At Google I/O 2022, Google announced it was again entering the field of tablets and started working on a new Pixel tablet for next year. However, the new Pixel tablet actually arrives as an Android device.  In addition to this, the company is reinvigorating the Android experience for tablets.

According to the new information, Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) had certified a tablet with Stylus from Google with the product name “Tangor”. More information reveals that the upcoming Pixel tablet will be the first commercial Android product to run on USI certification.


Aside from this, there is no information available regarding the upcoming Pixel tablet. To be mentioned, in 2018, Google joined USI for a standardized stylus specification. The USI aims to allow styluses from different manufacturers to work across multiple devices.

So far, the number of Chromebooks on the market support USI support. Now, Version 2.0 of the standard came out with a big improvement in February with the NFC wireless charging of the stylus.

Google Pixel tablet Stylus

It is also expected that the new Google Pixel tablet is expected to come with a smart display that brings a stylus support feature. This will definitely give a new heap in selling proposition. Moreover, USI Stylus required charging every so often. So, let’s wait to see how much power the will company provides in its next Google Pixel tablet.

Speaking about Pixel devices, they are used for dual purposes. Initially as a consumer product and another as a developer’s workhorse. So, this new specification will surely be loved by the consumers as well as developers and they are eagerly waiting to take advantage of it.


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