After iOS 14.3, a large number of third-party magnetic wireless chargers stopped working

by RPRNA Group

According to a report from Charging Head Network, the recent iOS 14.3 updates for the iPhones is causing some problems with its wireless charger.

The report claimed (in Chinese media) that after the update, a large number of third-party magnetic wireless chargers stopped working.


This issue only affects third-party wireless chargers, and some are still working. As of now, Apple has not issued an official statement on this issue. We don’t know if this problem will be solved automatically or if Apple will treat it as a problem.

Apple released the official version of iOS 14.3 on December 15. In addition to supporting Apple Fitness+ and AirPods Max, dual-SIM iPhone 12, and other important updates, it also solved the problem of not being able to charge wirelessly. In addition, it solves the problem that the iPhone can’t be charged at maximum power.

In October this year, Apple released the iPhone 12 series. Alongside, the company also introduced new MagSafe wireless support.

Charging Head Network pointed out that three days after the iPhone 12 was released, MagSafe’s charging animation prompt was cracked, making it the first choice for a large number of third-party magnetic wireless charging accessories. At present, not all third-party magnetic wireless chargers fail due to the iOS 14.3 version update. This phenomenon only exists in some wireless charging solutions.

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