Apple iPhone 12 material cost is about $373, 12 Pro cost is $406

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The latest teardown of the iPhone 12 Pro revealed that Apple used 26.8% South Korean-made components, up sharply over last year’s model.

The region of this greater use of Korean components was organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display technology. The displays are supplied by Samsung Display and LG Display. Samsung supplies memory chips for the iPhone 12 as well.

As reported, Sony is the key supplier for the CMOS image sensors used in iPhone 12 Pro’s three camera lenses, including its wide-angle and telephoto lenses. The sensors are priced at around $5.40 to $7.40 each.

According to Fomalhaut, the cost of the iPhone 12 Pro is $406. Apple used 26.8% (In value) South Korean and 21.9% (In value) US components. In addition, 21.9% of Europe and others, 13.6% from Japan, 11.1% from Taiwan, and 4.6% from China.


As compared to 2019’s iPhone 11 with LCD display, Korea’s shared increased by 9.1%, while the share of US parts dropped by 3.9%. Thanks to the use of OLED displays.

According to Fomalhaut, the iPhone 12 material cost is about $373. Below you can check the prices of the iPhone 12 parts (via GizChina).

iPhone 12 OLED panel – $70 per unit
iPhone 12 Bionic A14 chip – $40 per unit
SK Hynix DRAM – $12.8 per unit
Samsung Electronics flash memory – $19.2 per unit
Sony CMOS – $7.4 – $7.9.


For your information, Apple is selling the new iPhone 12 64GB variant for $799, the 128GB variant for about $849, while the 256GB variant for $949.

Nikkei Aisa with Tokyo-based research specialist Fomalhaut Techno Solutions tore down the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

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