Black Shark 4S/Pro: Everything you need to know

Xiaomi‘s gaming brand, Black Shark will launch its new 4S series – Black Shark 4S and Black Shark 4S Pro on October 13, 2021. These gaming smartphones will come with impressive designs and exciting new features.


In this article, we’ll put all the information related to the Black Shark 4S series that you need to know about and will give you the fastest insights of the rumors, leaks, specs, release date, and more.

Black Shark

Here’s the latest information on the Black Shark 4S series: October 12, 2021

[October 12, 2021]

As per the teaser poster, Black Shark 4S will come with a 6.67-inch Samsung AMOLED straight screen with a 144Hz ultra-high screen refresh rate. Read more here.

Black Shark 4S

[October 8, 2021]

Xiaomi‘s gaming brand Black Shark has officially announced the company will launch Black Shark 4S on October 13 in China. The company announced that the new mobile phone will adopt the theme of evolution and attack. Read more here.

[October 5, 2021]

Another tipster said that the screen size of this phone will be the same as the current phone and there is no super-large screen version. Read more here.

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