Future Motorola phones might come with ability to charge over the air

by Ashish

GuRu Wireless and Motorola have signed an agreement to create a wireless charging system for smartphones. The press release talks about a system that will allow smartphones to be charged over the air at a distance of one meter.

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Dan Dery, vice president of new products at Motorola:

“At Motorola, we are constantly working to bring innovations to the marketplace that can improve the lives of our users. With this solution, we will be able to see the freedom and flexibility that users can enjoy thanks to revolutionary wireless power technology. With GuRu, we are introducing a new generation of wireless powered devices.”

GuRu’s patented miniature modules allow devices to be powered over long distances through precise power transmission. Motorola and GuRu said they will work together to meet Motorola’s stringent quality, energy efficiency, and safety requirements.

Recall that Motorola introduced a wireless charging system over the air earlier this year. The charging process stops when a hand or other body part appears between the devices. This is a special safety feature designed for the health of users.


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