Google Pixel 7 Pro users facing screen flickering issues

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A few months back, Google introduced the Google Pixel 7 pro smartphone which came with significant features and functionalities. But now the device has now started showing its worst side because the users of Google Pixel 7 Pro smartphones are facing some screen flickering issues.

Recently, the users of Google Pixel 7 Pro smartphones are seen discussing the screen flickering issues on the Pixel community of Reddit. As per the shared reviews, there are various problems with the screen of Pixel 7 Pro such as green light, the flickering of the white and black display, and more.

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One user stated that his Pixel 7 Pro shows a thin green line at the very top of the screen that flashes even when on standby mode, and the phone’s screen just got black randomly. Another user says that the screen flashed white for a split second, then he rebooted and it worked fine.

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The phone screen is behaving abnormally at the time of listening to music, keeping it out of the pocket, and in some operations like increasing or decreasing the volume. However, this issue is getting solved by rebooting the device, but not permanently, it appears again on the phone.

Some users have also taken it for repair, but they said the issue is in the board, not just on the screen. Further, they spoke to Google support and they offered a replacement right away. Are you also facing any screen problems like these? If yes, then let us know in the comment section below.

Google Pixel 7 Pro screen issue


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