Google Pixel 8 battery charging

Google Pixel 8 series to debut with useful battery and charging capabilities

Google Pixel 8 series is about to make its debut on the user ground with some amazing upgrades to battery and charging features. As per the latest inputs, the upcoming Pixel smartphones lineup will gain bigger batteries and speedy charging with many other useful tweaks.

To begin with, the Google Pixel 8 Pro model will bring a 4950mAh battery with faster charging capabilities. That’s a slight increase compared to the Pixel 7 Pro which has a 4926mAh battery. Meanwhile, the standard variant will bring an actual difference with a 4485mAh cell, which would be greater than Pixel 7’s 4270mAh battery.

Specifically, the charging speeds will rise to 24W on Google Pixel 8 and 27W on the Pro models. Again, it is a good expansion from the 7 series which gained 20W and 23W for standard and Pro versions respectively. Though the Qi charging remains unchanged.

But that’s not it. New changes are also making their way to the WiFi section. According to the details, both phones are capable to hold Wi-Fi 7 on their surface. This will be a part of the Tensor G3 chipset upgrade. Although an exception for Pixel 8 Pro is, it will support UWB (Ultra-Wideband) facilities as well.

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In terms of availability, Google Pixel 8 series hearsay to launch in Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and Portugal. It’s just the beginning and there’s a lot more to explore in these devices. Stay tuned, to get the latest inputs and details on this matter.

Google Pixel 8 battery charging


Google Pixel 8 series to debut with useful battery and charging capabilities

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