Google Pixel 8 Pro live images

Google Pixel 8 Pro spotted in live images

After several rumors and leaks, Google Pixel 8 Pro has finally taken place in live images. Eventually, some eager users on Reddit have dropped a prototype of a device yesterday, and evidence reveals that this is the upcoming Pixel lineup smartphone.

The information hints that the phone highlights a G logo on the rear surface. Meanwhile, the bootloader screen makes this leak more confirmed by showing the code name ‘husky’ and ripcurrent bootloader. Ahead, a Zuma sticker (code name of Tensor G3) makes us assure that Google Pixel 8 Pro has appeared in the live images.

Looking into the details, the specs marked in the picture reads a particular unit, which includes 12GB Samsung LPDDR5 RAM and 128GB SKHynix storage. In addition, there are increased corner radii in this leak, while the Pixel 8 Pro camera is what really stands out.

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Further, the large rectangular frame holding three cameras takes up more of the bar compared to last year. It looks taller with less space to the edge of the bar. The microphone cutout is in-between the first and second cameras, with other sensors below it. You then see the flash and IR temperature sensors.

Google Pixel 8 Pro live images


Google Pixel 8 Pro spotted in live images

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