How to use and customize Glyph Light on Nothing Phone 1?

Nothing OS Glyph light feature

Well, the rumors and leaks have finally come to an end, the first phone from Carl Pei’s well-known company Nothing has arrived. Dubbed Phone 1 and stylized by marketing as “Nothing Phone (1)“, with a transparent design, clean interface, and somewhat slick design.


All the things that appear in Nothing Phone (1) are cool and adorable, like the stripes of flashing lights on the back. The Nothing Phone (1) looks quite unique. The phone has flat sides and the same goes for the front and back. It comes with identical bezels and a display camera hole in the top left corner.

What makes it really unique, is its backside!

There is a clear glass panel on the back of the device, below which you will see a row of LED notification lights. Nothing mentions these as “Glyphs“. Nothing says Glyph Light interface to the unique LED lighting on the back panel of the Phone 1. It’s a gorgeous part that folds as a notification light and battery level indicator for incoming calls and messages.

As seen earlier, Nothing made it customizable and gave users the option to choose unique Glyph patterns for calls and texts, and adjust its brightness. In addition, the Glyph interface can be used as a flash for clicking pictures in the dark and can even be used as a flashlight.

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Glyph light feature on Nothing Phone 1

These LED notification lights can actually turn on when you receive a message. They can be used to create a light show when your phone rings, and more. You can also check your phone’s battery level when you have your charger plugged in, as the LED light on the bottom will indicate this.

So coming to the main section, if you have just bought this device and for an instant. You don’t know How to use and customize Glyph Light on Nothing Phone 1?? for ringtone? Here’s the solution, below you can follow the guide to do this.

Nothing OS Glyph light feature

How to use and customize Nothing Phone 1 Glyph light feature?

  • Please go to Settings
  • Glyph Interface
  • Ringtone
  • Default ringtone.
  • You can preview the glyph display and choose from different glyph styles.
  • Click on the add icon in the top left and add your customized ringtone.

Note: Notification sounds can be set in a similar way, deciding between nothing original or imported sounds.