Huawei filed a trademark for ‘Petal Translate’ that could replace Google Translate

by Ashish

Google Translate is a service offered by Google that converts the text from one language to another to make it easier for the users who don’t have any idea about that language. The service can be used to translate any kind of text, documents, and more.

Huawei has recently filed for a new trademark under the ‘Petal Translation‘ with the application number 53487717 in China. It is internationally classified under 42 categories of design research.

The trademark application shows that Huawei is planning for a substitute for the Google Translation feature that will involve content translation. Currently, the translation feature offered by Google is the most trusted and reliable offering translation over more than 100 languages.

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Although, there is no confirmation as to what the Chinese tech giant will bring with its Petal Translation trademark and what new it will offer other than the Google translation. Not only the translation, but Huawei is also preparing for many other kinds of services that will replace Google in the field.

Other than the translation trademark, the phone maker has also applied for other kinds of services such as Petal Search, Petal Maps, Petal Mail, and more. It is said that the company is trying to launch its own services over Google for its own devices.

(Via – Huawei Central)

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