Huawei patents for a folding display that can improve user’s gaming experience

by Ashish

The introduction of heavy games in the smartphone took gaming to a whole new level and since when foldable smartphones are introduced it provides a big screen for the gamers to carry on with the games anywhere they want. Likewise, Huawei has been working on a new kind of display technology for its foldable smartphones that can provide a smooth gaming experience.

As per the latest report (Via – Huawei Central), Huawei has filed a patent for a new folding technology that it could implement in its upcoming foldable phones. The patent was approved and published on January 15, 2021, which is identified with the publication number CN112230793A.

The patent shows the new display method of the folding screen in different scenarios including folded and unfolded conditions to provide a better gaming experience to users while playing games.

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Looking at the demand for big-screen smartphones, Huawei stated that the phones with large displays have problems such as inconveniency to carry, so the folding smartphone is a better choice in this case.

As per the patent, if the screen is in the folded condition then the game app will use the first display to respond while if the smartphone is in the unfolded state the app uses the full screen to respond and the second display interface is also in the condition to give a response. In addition, the first display interface will be smaller than the second one.

Compared to the current situation, if the user playing game switches to an expended screen it changes the ratio of the display, resulting in narrowing the field of view. This may lead to a  poor gaming experience to the user and also it may lead to losing the game.

However, it is still unclear, whether the company will use this technology in its upcoming folding smartphone or not. As Huawei has launched two foldable phones as of now and further it also plans to introduce some more smartphones in the future that could come with an improved gaming experience.


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