Huawei reported licensing third-party smartphone designs, preparing to answer US Sanctions

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According to the latest news from Bloomberg, Huawei reported licensing third-party smartphone designs, in order to solve some problems caused by the US Sanctions. To be more precise, the main purpose of the company is to access the RF font-end contents to use the 5G.

Reports on this matter reveal Huawei and state-owned PTAC (China Posts and Telecommunication Equipment Group) are negotiating to consider licensing its design to one the unit of PTAC. The depart will aim to take back the profits and zeros blacklisted by the Trump administration.

This report further informed the new unit is named- Xnova will ship Huawei-made smartphones via its online channels. Furthermore, Xnova will label independent-brand drafts as per Huawei’s design under this partnership agreement.

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Previously, the third-party smartphone appeared on the e-commerce website of Huawei. Manufactured by TD Tech, this smartphone was the exact copy of Huawei Nova 8- in terms of design as well as software capabilities. The only upper hand of the phone was 5G network that is missing from Huawei phones.

At the present, both parties are still discussing this matter so the final announcement may have more modifications. However, the Chinese tech giant is like to take this chance to answer the US-Samcatin and balance its loss due to the supply cut-off.

Besides, the TD Tech smartphone was removed from Huawei websites within a week just after the launch. Neither Huawei nor TD Tech has provided any valid reason reader this remove os TD Tech N8 Pro till now.


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