Huawei’s first 5G smartphone case live image leaked

Huawei is reportedly gearing up to launch the 5G smartphone case, which can enable the 5G network connectivity on 4G supportive phones. Due to US sanctions, Huawei phones cannot access the 5G network and it is kind of a big issue in today’s scenario.


Because of this reason the Chinese tech maker is finding solutions to solve this problem and found to be working on the 5G phone case. Now, a Weibo tipster has exposed the complete internal structure of the Huawei 5G phone case in a live image.

The image is blurry but we can see the Huawei 5G phone case internal structure somehow. It showcased the SIM card insertion place and other small circuits. Further, it appears to be built with the help of several third-party manufacturers.

Huawei 5G structureMoreover, Huawei 5G phone case could be first released for the flagship Huawei P50 series smartphone. Last week, the 5G phone case has appears in live images with the P50 phone.


This could be a good alternative to enable 5G on 4G Huawei devices. The reason behind the lock of the 5G network is the missing RF signal chipsets. Previously, it was also reported that the Chinese tech maker may also be planning to develop its own RF chipsets.

This method is already launched by Motorola for Moto Z3 to support 5G on 4G phones. At the moment, it is not confirmed when and will Huawei release this case for use.

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