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iPhone 12 series could hit the South Korean market earlier than usual

by Ashish

We are expecting the iPhone 12 series launch next month, but a new report is claiming that it could launch earlier in South Korea than usual. The exact launch date of the iPhone 12 is not yet officially announced.

Usually, Apple launches its iPhone one month later in the South Korean market as compared to the United States. But according to the South Korean telecom industries, the iPhone 12 series may come earlier than usual. Last year Apple launched the iPhone 11 series on October 25 in South Korea which was nearly one month later as compared to the launch in the U.S. which was September 20.

Apple is now looking forward to expanding its market in South Korean as compared to the existing 19%  share. The country has almost eight million 5G users and South Korea was the first country to introduce 5G services. The telecom industries in South Korea commenced their 5G services in April 2019.

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The iPhone 12 will be the first 5G iPhone from Apple and the tech giant is looking forward to targeting the South Korean highly grownup 5G market for its new upcoming iPhones. After its launch in South Korea, the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be the first 5G phone to support high-frequency 5G band for 5G communications.

So, it could be relatively expected that Apple will target the South Korean market for its new iPhones due to the increased number of 5G users in the country. The countries telecom industries have already started to prepare for the launch of the iPhone 12 series and they are expected until late October or early November

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