New Xiaomi patent shows “columnar shape” smartphone

Technology is advancing at a great pace and Xiaomi is also participating in the race by bringing advanced products. Now, a new Xiaomi patent has come to a glance which shows a columnar shape smartphone, this could be the next unique device by the Chinese tech giant.

As per the report, a new Columnar shape patent has been authorized by Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co.Ltd with the model number CN307959735S. The abstract shows the design and the formation of the smartphone which we have never seen before in Xiaomi’s history.

New Xiaomi’s patent made the device into a columnar shape, which resembles an upright pillar or column, somewhat cylindrical. The entire screen structure of the phone is rolled into a columnar structure, and the user can pull the phone screen out when needed.

In addition, in the columnar structure, the mobile phone also includes a suspected pop-up camera design, which meets the shooting needs of the users. Therefore, the patent is more of a conceptual design, and a lot of adjustments and changes are needed to recognize it.

Thus, now the trend of folding devices seems to be transformed into the rolling device which will take the user’s experience and imagination to a next level. As this patent presents a unique and exceptional design idea for the manufacturers.

Xiaomi columnar shape patent

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New Xiaomi patent shows “columnar shape” smartphone

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