OnePlus 11 shows ‘true camera performance’ to Samsung Galaxy S23 series

OnePlus 11 Samsung Galaxy S23 camera

OnePlus has proved that its latest flagship – OnePlus 11 is a tough contender against the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, especially in terms of camera performance. Not only we, but many Samsung fans believe that the era of cameras belonging to the Galaxy device developer has passed on.

Recently, the well-known Samsung lover @UniverseIce shared a few camera shots of the OnePlus 11 and Samsung Galaxy S23 series. On the flip side, the tipster also put forth his point on how the 11-tagged handset clicks more reflective snaps than the new S23 models.

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In addition, the tipster dropped the captured images from the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G and Galaxy S22 Ultra. Consequently, the overall review says that the newly-arrived model has not stood up to the mark, and is a little low than its predecessors.

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Speaking of the performance, the tipster brought up some plants and tree snaps on his Twitter wall. While Samsung phones have just flashed a dark shade on the entire image, the OnePlus 11 handset has distributed the light and dark tones evenly.

Adding sarcasm, the blogger said that the plants are green, not black! But thanks to Galaxy S23 Ultra‘s camera performance, which is just frightening and appeared as a disaster to the photography segment.

OnePlus 11 Samsung Galaxy S23 camera

OnePlus 11 Samsung Galaxy S23 camera
First Image: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Second Image: OnePlus 11

Though there were some Samsung users, who opposed the lens results completely. But most of them concede with the point and said the S23 Ultra has disappointed its owners to some extent with its camera functioning.

Following the thread, a OnePlus 11 phone holder shared a few camera shots without any edits. Eventually, these shots define that the Nord designer has done a seamless job with its latest number-based model. [Click HERE to see the OnePlus 11 camera shots]

It’s almost one month from the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series and the OnePlus 11. Yet they are constantly giving a tough spot to each other in the smartphone market. From pricing to performance, we have a checklist for every subject. Although the final decision is based on the users’ perspective.


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