OnePlus 11 tied with Samsung Galaxy S23 in pricing but with more features

OnePlus 11 Samsung Galaxy S23 features

OnePlus and Samsung are going to provide their latest flagship smartphones: OnePlus 11 and Samsung Galaxy S23 series in the global market with ultimate features. While there are a few days left before the unveiling of the OnePlus model, we will witness the Galaxy S23 launch event in a few hours.

However, this discussion mainly points out which device can serve as the king of the flagship in the smartphone market. Eventually, both handsets fall in the high-end category and also promise to offer the best user experience. But this time, it looks like OnePlus is in full mood to come back and has made amazing changes to its device.

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Notably, both OnePlus 11 and Samsung Galaxy S23 series share the same pricing, still, the 11th version owes better features than the new ‘S’ lineup. From the Geekbench score to the high-fy implementations in both gadgets, the OnePlus 11 is one step ahead of the Galaxy S23 models.

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To begin with, let’s understand the performance. The elder member of the S23 family – Galaxy S23 Ultra has scored 5179 points in the multi-core test. Whereas, the OnePlus 11 gained 5135 points.

Yes, OnePlus 11 is a bit less but possesses excellent performance. Besides, the device equips a 360-degree surround antenna and LinkBoost 4.0 tech to improve the overall power efficiency. The tech maker has made the device so capable that it can run 44 apps in the background efficiently without freezing or overheating.


Not only the standard functioning, but the company has also focused on the gaming scenario and imposed several tweaks.

These techs are meant to accelerate the performance of the device in any manner. So far, we didn’t hear of any such element in the Galaxy S23 models.

OnePlus 11R Super Frame gaming performance


Ahead, the device has also mastered the battery aspects. As per the Chinese OnePlus 11 owners, the battery performance of the device is surprisingly good and far better than the other models in the merchandise. Comparatively, Samsung didn’t make any noticeable changes in this sector for its S23 series.

OnePlus 11 officially teased for powerful battery and Spatial audio features


One of the most significant implementations of a smartphone is the camera. Yes! Samsung always moves one step ahead when it comes to the optical framework. The Galaxy S23 handsets, especially the Ultra version hearsay to bring an epic selfie lens, and a 200MP rear-end primary camera on board.

But that doesn’t leaves behind OnePlus 11 in any manner. The device is considered the portrait master for its professional ultra-sensitive portrait lens. In addition, it supports RAW domain lossless computing tech that greatly improves the color, vibrance, and details of a snap.

OnePlus 11 Samsung Galaxy S23 features

And the fact that OnePlus 11 has amazingly beaten Galaxy S22 Ultra says it all.

Other features that we see in the queue are the Bionic vibration motor, dual-ring magnetic speakers with Dolby Atmos support, and more.

Of course, Samsung Galaxy S23 will bring really good features on the surface, but at present, we didn’t find as many pinches as the OnePlus 11 is providing you at the same cost.

OnePlus 11 Samsung Galaxy S23 features