OnePlus 11 vs OnePlus 10 Pro: Notable changes in camera features [Gallery]

OnePlus 11 10 Pro Camera Features

OnePlus has implemented some amazing tech-pack features to its premium gadget – the OnePlus 11. From the battery aspects to the performance efficiency, the latest flagship is one step ahead in every segment of its predecessors. And today our focus will be on the camera features of the OnePlus 11 and OnePlus 10 Pro.

A Twitter tipster recently shared some snaps of the brand-new OnePlus 11 and high-end OnePlus 10 Pro, showcasing their camera features. On the flip side, the blogger also described how the company has made good changes to its new product.

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Consequently, the tipster has captured the pictures in three modes: Portrait 1x, Portrait 2x, and Night mode. Further, he has also used the crop feature to see how far the device camera can offer excellent details and profiled pixels on the image.

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Adding more, the Twitter account holder mentions that the lens optimization on OnePlus is quite well in comparison to previous models. Eventually, the Chinese tech maker seamlessly modified and improved color science, the portrait captures, and low-light performance.

OnePlus 11 10 Pro Camera Features

If we look at the portrait clicks, the OnePlus 11 provides a more clear and real-like skin tone texture. Whereas, the 10 Pro model adds a gradient look to the subject, making it shinier and a little unrealistic.

Also, the OnePlus 11 portrait (2x) lens brings an eye-catching blur effect in the background with all focus on the subject. Although that’s not the case with OnePlus 10 Pro.

OnePlus 11 10 Pro Camera Features

It’s worth mentioning that OnePlus 10 Pro holds a larger main camera sensor than that of the 11th lineup. However, the techs and mechanisms in the new phone series are much better than what we have seen in the earlier OnePlus devices.

Lastly, we have a cropped snapshot that displays the minute details even under dark scenarios.

At one point, the tipster also said that the front camera and the zoom quality of the OnePlus 11 are still a little weak. But the overall functioning and experience are worth enough to get the handy gadget in your pocket.

In response to the camera shots, a user even said that OnePlus 11 camera part is now noticeably better. The user said so as he owns a OnePlus 10 Pro that has been a disappointment for the person, especially when it comes to optical performance.

On seeing the camera shots, the results are crystal clear. OnePlus has made some tremendous changes to its latest gadgets. The internal tweaks have really made the smartphone quite better in terms of camera features.

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