Sadly, OnePlus 11R will get only 3 major Android (OxygenOS) and 4 years of security updates

OnePlus 11R 3 Android updates

OnePlus fans were quite excited to know that at least the latest flagships will receive an updated software policy. But it looks like that’s not the complete truth. As per the official support page revealings, the cost-effective OnePlus 11R will get only 3 major Android OS and 4 years of security updates.

It’s been a few days since the manufacturer confirmed that the R-labeled gadget is enlisted in the new Android software rollouts policy. However, the company again made a tweet on this matter, quoting that the updated policy is only for selected devices, and OnePlus 11R will obtain 3 Android and 4 years of security updates.

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On the flip side, OnePlus apologize for the miscommunication error that they made on the online social media platform. Consequently, it seems like in the excitement of elaborating on the features of the device, the company made a huge mistake in terms of software description.

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This not only appears as a disappointment for users but also a blunder for those users who immensely trust the company. As per users’ comments on the tweet, there is a need that OnePlus should be transparent and more clear to its fans about its promises, and must make its words real.

OnePlus 11R 3 Android updates

“Hi! We would like to clarify our previous tweet, we offer 4 years of android updates and 5 years of security updates on selected devices. For #OnePlus11R, the device will receive 3 years of android updates and 4 years of security updates. Apologies for the miscommunication.”

Alternatively, this also means that OnePlus 11R will settle down with Android 16 as its last major upgrade. Perhaps, we still hope that the company could rethink its decision in the time ahead.

Well, what the term ‘selected’ means in the tweet is still a big question to answer. Earlier, the speculated theories hinted that only the number series will get the opportunity to taste the new upgrade policy. However, the U-turn made for the 11R has again left us in confusion.

Probably, we could see the upcoming OnePlus Nord series in this new update tier sequence. Although, uttering any word at this moment will not be correct. Let’s see what changes the company will make for its devices in the coming time.


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