OnePlus 11R will not compromise performance due to cost: Li JieLouis

OnePlus 11R performance cost

OnePlus 11R has been spotted on the AnTuTu listing and proved that it can deliver the utmost level of performance irrespective of its cost-effective nature. Eventually, the device scored a marking of 1149494 points. Although it is a bit less than the standard model, the overall functioning is quite efficient.

For your information, AnTuTu scores help us to identify the performance of the processor, battery, and other aspects of the phone. With this listing, you can easily choose, and compare the top-end smartphones in the market and purchase accordingly.

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Coming back to the main outline, the AnTuTu ranking has also given the individual scores for CPU, Memory, GPU, and UX tests to let the users understand the functioning of every internal part in the R-labeled handy gadget.

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Though it’s not a final score of the OnePlus 11R, it gives an idea of how the phone will work under room temperature, power consumption, and background operations. Notably, the device has entered the listing with model number PHK110 and a 16GB + 512GB variant.

You can take a look at the newly released score below.

  • Overall Score: 1149494
  • CPU: 272214
  • GPU: 486502
  • MEM: 202614
  • UX: 188164

OnePlus 11R performance cost

Making a clearance on the performance of the device, the OnePlus China President – Li JieLouis shared a blog on his official Weibo account. The chief said that don’t worry, as the low pricing of the phone will not affect its functioning in any way.

“OnePlus 11R (OnePlus Ace 2) will not make any compromises in terms of performance because of the cost. It is equipped with the full-blooded version of the first generation Snapdragon 8+ flagship chip, and resolutely does not use the down-frequency version!”

In addition, Li also said that the performance of the chip is too good, and has the potential to become a new generation of ‘God U’. So far, this is the highest running score among Snapdragon 8+ phones. Hence, we could expect that the device will offer the best user experience regarding performance efficiency.

OnePlus 11R performance cost

Speaking of the specs, the OnePlus 11R will bring Adreno 730 GPU with LPDDR5 RAM. It will install UFS 3.1 storage and Android 13 on its board. Let’s see what else we will get in the coming days.

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