Battery issues annoying some OnePlus 8 users, how far is the fix?

OnePlus 8 July 2022 Patch

OnePlus launched the OnePlus 8 series last year with several flagship-grade features and as its first-ever 5G phones. The series includes 2 models namely, the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro, both of these smartphones come with a powerful Snapdragon 865 processor, a huge AMOLED display, and fast charging tech.

Its base model, the OnePlus 8 equips a 4300mAh battery with Warp Charge 30T fast charging technology which takes just 22 minutes to charge from 1% to 50%. The company claims the battery of this smartphone is enough for full-day use but the user experiences suggest something else.

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From a long time, the users of the OnePlus 8 has been experiencing bad response regarding the battery life and it doesn’t last up to expectations. According to users, the battery of the device automatically drains even when not in use.

Initial battery issue

At night time, when all the services are turned off and there are no apps running in the background, the battery is not the phone losses around 9-10% battery. While in the same condition the OnePlus 7 just drains 3%. This is not the first case, there are some other problems as well. This is the recent comment of one of the OnePlus 8 user regarding the issue:

After updating my OnePlus 8 it started heating too much it goes above 50 degree Celsius in normal uses only . My camera start hanging there is took much bug. OnePlus disappointed me a lot… This is not at all expected from OnePlus.

Also, there are many users, who have been facing different kinds of battery problems and some others have also got it fixed with the software update, changing some of its settings, and restarting the device. While many are still stucked with the issue and are searching for a solution.

Recently spotted battery drain and overheating problems: OnePlus 8

The overheating problem in the OnePlus 8 is also another major problem for the users which worries them a lot. Meanwhile, a user on the official forum also claims to have a  talk with the community member which says that the solution for these long-lasted battery issues will be coming with a new software update.

Please, how do I do this? I am having major problems with battery drain (went from 90% to 11% in 4 hours and no apps open, just sms). Also the overheating is a major problem. I live in NJ and it does get HOT here. I need my phone to work, I am so disappointed in this phone and wish I hadn’t bought it!

UPDATE: Just spoke to OnePlus Customer Support.
Arani said the security patch would be released soon which would fix all the problems.

Also, there is an increase in the number of users facing battery problems on their device after the latest OxygenOS 11 update. This proves that it’s a software-related bug and will be handled by a new software update only seems its clear and cut solution.

How far is the fix?

It’s a long lasted issue that could have fixed a long time ago, also it is fixed for some after the update or after making some changes in some settings. Though the problem remains unfixed for many and the company has also not responded to it yet.

We will keep you updated if the fix arrives for this annoying issue. Also, if you own a OnePlus 8 or any other OnePlus device and encounter any issue with the battery performance then you should let up know in the comment section below.

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