OnePlus Ace will feature industry’s first supercrystalline graphite heat dissipation material

OnePlus will launch the OnePlus Ace new smartphone on April 21 at 19:00 in China. The phone will be equipped with the Dimensity 8100-MAX chip for the first time, combined with MediaTek, exclusive in-depth customization, games Frame rate, AI calculation, and night-time video are fully optimized.


Today, OnePlus announced the heat dissipation specifications of the OnePlus Ace. The official said that the OnePlus Ace has the largest heat dissipation area so far (4129.8 square millimeters of VC area), with the industry’s first supercrystalline graphite heat dissipation material, the same area of ​​heat dissipation 60% performance improvement.

Moreover, the OnePlus Ace comes in two color schemes, with a centered hole-digging screen on the front and an “electrical waterfall” design on the back, achieving 186g and 8.2mm.

Further, the device will be equipped with Dimensity 8100-MAX. Previously, “Digital Chat Station” broke the news that OnePlus Ace will support 150W super flash charging, making it the fastest charging mobile phone in OnePlus history.

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