OnePlus foldable launch

OnePlus Open foldable launch delayed in favor of Samsung display

OnePlus is pacing up with the Open foldable handset development but it looks like the launch procedure will be delayed. Why so? Well, that’s because the company is making every possible effort to make its first-ever folding gadget the best. Speaking of which, the phone maker is hunting for better display techs in the current scenario.

As per the revealings by MaxJambor, OnePlus has slightly delayed the Open Foldable launch. Though it was expected to show up by the end of August, the company is taking some more days for unveiling it. Don’t worry as the reason behind this delay is quite effective and in favor of the new folding model.

The tipster states that OnePlus has ditched display panels from the BOE firm and is going to use a Samsung-developed display tech. No doubt, the Galaxy devices own excellent display capabilities whereas, BOE panels are leading towards downgrade day by day.

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Hence, the Chinese OEM decided to opt for better technologies for its first-ever foldable rather than the outdated BOE screen. The tech giant has further removed BOE from the supply chain. This means that future devices will exhibit better display techs than before.

OnePlus foldable launch delayed

OnePlus Open foldable launch delayed in favor of Samsung display

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