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Ookla Report! Samsung Galaxy S24 Series takes the lead in 5G Speed 

A recent study conducted by Ookla has analyzed the 5G capabilities of several smartphones and in the battle, the Galaxy S24 series emerged as a clear winner. Yes, the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra showed a statistically significant lead for median 5G download speed.

Galaxy S24 Series 5G Speed

In the examination, which was conducted from February 1 to March 24, 2024, Ookla compared the 5G speed of the Galaxy S24 series with the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S22, and the iPhone 15 series. Notably, the newly launched lineup recorded the lowest median 5G multi-server latency in 10 out of 15 countries.

Whereas, the iPhone 15 series models including iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max offered the highest median 5G latency in 10 markets. The Galaxy S23 series shows median 5G download speeds in four countries, while, the Galaxy S22 models were slowest among all.

Moving on, the upload speeds of Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra were considerably slower than 5G download speeds, ranging from 11.83 Mbps to Mbps to 66.52 Mbps, with median 5G upload speeds of 50 Mbps.


However, the overall speed differences between Galaxy S24 devices and iPhone 15 models were relatively minor in some of the countries. Furthermore, the testing was performed in a total of 15 countries including South Korea, Qatar, UAE, USA, Hong Kong, and more.

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Ookla Report! Samsung Galaxy S24 Series takes the lead in 5G Speed 

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