POCO X3 reportedly caught fire while charging

by Ashish

Hearing about the burning smartphones is always hilarious. This small gadget can sometimes even cost a life which seems very disappointing. Everyone is well aware of Samsung’s Note 7 phone which has encountered several incidents of generating excessive heat.

Now as per the latest information, another incident has come to light for Xiaomi’s Poco X3 smartphone in India. The owner of the smartphone said that he bought the device in December last year and it was working fine.

But on April 13, while charging, the Poco X3 caught fire and the battery exploded that damaged the back cover of the phone, and also shuttered the front glass. We got to know about the story when the victim uploaded this on his Twitter handle.

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It remains a question that who is responsible for the incident? Is the owner here was careless while charging the phone or the company? There are many questions for that but all we can say is that the users must take care of their phones or whichever gadget having a heavy battery.

We can also blame the company which should also have some extra efforts and takes care of the build quality of its smartphones. While the users should also beware of it and take the required measures while charging.

Poco has commented on the matter and said that the situation is under investigation and the initial finding suggests that the damage was caused by an external force. However, the owner denied this comment.

We should definitely learn from these incidents and make sure about the charger you are using to charge your smartphone. It is recommended that always charge your device using its own charger. If using a different one, make sure to check the compatibility of the device.


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