Realme announces pure white color shade of Realme GT Neo2T

Realme will hold a new product launch conference for Realme GT Neo2T at 14:00 on October 19th. Now Realme continues to warm up the device.

There is a kind of white, full of the beauty of oriental traditional craftsmanship, that is, glaze white. This time we brought the quintessential white glaze texture to the new color of GT Neo2T, which is as pure as jade and as transparent as a mirror.

It is alleged that the Realme GT Neo2T glaze white color is made of glass material with a glaze texture, that is to say, “it feels bright but looks matte”, which can be called a “small exploration version.”

This model is expected to be launched in other colors such as pure black, and the follow-up will bring you more reports.
the Realme GT Neo2T will be the core replacement version of the Realme GT Neo flash version,

The Realme GT Neo flash version will be equipped with MediaTek Dimensity 1200, and the Realme GT Neo2T will be equipped with a customized version of Dimensity 1200AI processor, which, as the name suggests, is to enhance the AI ability.

It is also worth mentioning that Xu Qi, the vice president of Realme, previously revealed on Weibo that the Realme GT Neo2 series also has a dual-platform and dual flagship new product that will be released soon, so the Realme GT Neo2T should be a dual-platform flagship.


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