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Report: iPhone 12 could be more expensive as compared to the iPhone 11

by Ashish

Apple is expected to bring its iPhone 12 series next month and the rumors suggest that it could be more expensive than the earlier iPhone 11 lineup.

Earlier it was rumored that iPhone 12 will come with a starting price of $649, which is $50 less than the iPhone 11. A new report (via Weibo) claims that the starting price is now expected between $699 and $749.

Apple likely will not include accessories such as EarPods, Lightning cable, and power adapter in the upcoming iPhone. We were expecting the price of the iPhone to be similar to the iPhone 11 due to the elimination of the accessories from the box.



But now it seems that the material cost of the iPhone 12 is $50 more as compared to iPhone 11. The increased price is due to the new expensive A14 chip and an OLED display which Apple will include in the iPhone 12.

Apple iPhone 12 textNow if we calculate the exact starting price of the iPhone 12 it goes up to $749 which is $50 more than expected. The same leaker suggests that Apple may not be able to complete the target production of 80 million iPhone 12 units on time.

Apple is currently planning to sell 80 million units of the iPhone 12. But if the production falls short, there will be limited supply which is quite disappointing. The supply could be 6 to 10 million less as compared to the target of 80 million.

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