Samsung again trolls Apple iPhone in its new Galaxy Z Flip 4 ad

Samsung troll Apple iPhone

The rivalry between Samsung and Apple is familiar to everyone. Both try to prove why they are the best in the industry by releasing ads that make fun of each other. This time, it’s Samsung who is trolling Apple for still not bringing a foldable iPhone.

The official YouTube channel of Samsung released an advertisement titled “Samsung Galaxy: Join the flip side”. The ad shows a girl named Elena who is desperately trying to forget her friend’s new Galaxy Z Flip 4. At the start of the ad, the girl even says, “I would never switch to Samsung. I love my phone.”


Well, the ad didn’t clearly reveal the phone name but it can be easily guessed which phone she owns in the ad. The advertisement further shows how everything reminds of Galaxy Z Flip 4 to her. At the last, wakes up from her dream and instantly orders the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 from her Apple iPhone.

Well, this is not the first time Samsung trolled Apple for not introducing a foldable iPhone. Yesterday, when Apple launched its new iPhone 14 series, Samsung trolled Apple in three back-to-back Twitter posts saying “Let us know it when it folds”.

That’s not it even ahead of the iPhone 14 launch, the Korean company was trolling Apple iPhone through an ad video that promoted Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. That ad has a tagline, “This innovation is not coming to an iPhone near you”.

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