Samsung may provide exclusive camera features of Galaxy S21 to older flagships

by Ashish

Samsung launched the Galaxy S21 series with a bunch of premium features such as a unique design, powerful processor, and much more. These sets of smartphones come with several functionalities which are exclusively available on the Galaxy S21 devices.

Samsung’s Galaxy S series is well known for its camera features and photographic capabilities. These smartphones have been coming with loads of latest camera features and as the new Galaxy S21 series which also comes with a unique feature called the Director’s view.

For those who are unaware, the Director’s view feature lets the users view real-time feeds of all the phone’s cameras in the viewfinder. This function can be useful for content creators. Now this exclusive feature of the Galaxy S21 could be coming to the older flagship S-series phones.

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According to the latest information, the support page of the T-Mobile carrier of the US hints that the Galaxy S20 will soon get the Director’s view feature. Recently, the carrier has updated its device support page and illustrated how to use it on the Galaxy S20 phones.

If this is not a mistake from the carrier then this functionality will be coming on the Galaxy S20, S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra. So, we can now expect that these devices will be getting more of the Galaxy S21 camera features in the coming days.

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