Samsung approves the unreleased Galaxy A52 5G and XCover 5 for monthly security updates

by Rahul Sar

The security updates are very important as they keep the device secure against any external threats or viruses. Different phone makers have their own plans to provide security improvements. Samsung also has its strategy for delivering these kinds of updates.

The South Korean company releases security updates on a monthly or quarterly basis. The update rollout for the different models depends on their launch date and the range of these smartphones that may be a mid-range, budget, or flagship.

Samsung has committed to offering a minimum of four years of regular security updates to many Galaxy devices. The company preparing to announce the mid-range Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72 soon. Earlier rumors regarding these phones are they come with high refresh rate screens and a few days ago new leak comes the main camera will offer optical image stabilization.

The new leak reveals that the upcoming Galaxy A52 5G along with the Galaxy XCover 5 will get monthly security updates. Samsung generally gives the monthly update schedule for flagship and higher-end devices, it is the first time that a mid-range A-series device has been scheduled for monthly updates.

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Last year, even the Galaxy A51 got a quarterly update schedule. Regular updates are always necessary to fix the bugs. There is no still announcement regarding the launch of the phone, but the rumors revealed it will get the monthly security update just like high-end Galaxy devices.


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