Samsung Galaxy S11 5G (SM-G9860) passed 3C certification in China

Samsung ‘s Galaxy S11 5G has passed 3C certification in China. According to the model number, this device is likely to be the Samsung Galaxy S11 5G.

From the official listing, the model “SM-G9860” has officially passed the Samsung certification. According to the official information provided by the China Quality Certification Center, this device will be equipped with a charging head up to 11.0V/2.25A, which shows that the charging speed will be faster than previous devices.

galaxy s11 5g 3c certificate

Image: CNMO

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S11 series will be equipped with Qualcomm’s latest flagship mobile chipset, Snapdragon 865.

Considering that Samsung released the Galaxy S10 series in February this year, the Galaxy S11 may also come at the same time next year.



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