Take a look at Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in the shape of 24 karat gold bar by Caviar

Caviar is a Russian brand that is famous for making a limited edition of smartphones and accessories. And now the company has unveiled the enriched version of the Galaxy S21 Ultra which is made of 1KG of 24 Karat gold and its design looks similar to that of a gold bar.

Samsung launched the Galaxy S21 smartphones on January 14 this year with the bulk of features including 5G connectivity, premium look, high-end processor, and more. These phones are available to buy around the globe.

This gold phone comes with a hefty price tag of 169,000 USD and is available in three storage options of 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. It looks luxurious but at the same time, it is expensive enough to make your pocket empty.

In terms of design, this limited edition Galaxy S21 Ultra has a rounded phone which is decorated with a 1KG of gold. And as the back of the device suggests it is filled with 999.9 fine gold with a net weight of 1000gms.

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Although, the Russian brand normally uses 18-carat gold which is handier in everyday life and is also more affordable. Rather than a smartphone, the Galaxy S21 limited edition is much kind of an investment as it carries 24 karat gold which is 99.9% pure. Take a closer look at this handset via the video linked below.

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