Samsung rumored to introduce strongest 3x camera with Galaxy Z Fold 4

Samsung working on smoother screen crease for Galaxy Z Fold 4

Samsung is appearing in rumors for introducing the strongest 3x camera with the Galaxy Z Fold 4 gadget. The respective device is the new foldable product of the Korean company. The new product will launch later this year. Meanwhile, we will be able to collect numerous rumors and suggestions on our hands.


According to the latest information, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 device could equip the strongest 3x camera. Further, it will feature a 50MP main snapper, a 12MP ultra-wide lens as well as a 12MP sensor which will deliver 3 times optical zoom. For such a lens-hood, the report suggests that the device will bring the strongest 3x camera.

Samsung rumored to introduce strongest 3x camera with Galaxy Z Fold 4Consequently, it also hints that the foldable product will exhibit a stronger camera structure than the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Although, if we go back in time, then there were rumors of a 108MP primary lens for Galaxy Z Fold 4. But, as a rumor does not have legs to stand on, it faded away with time. Let’s see how much these new reports prove to be truthful.

The fresh foldable model will come in attractive Beige and Silver colors. What else with the device? Well, more features and functions will get revealed in the not-so-far future.