Samsung should take inspiration from OnePlus 11 ‘Haptics’ vibration feature

OnePlus 11 vibration feature Samsung

Samsung has offered some of the best gadgets in the consumer market. The company has always concentrated on delivering the utmost benefits with its hardware and software products to its users. However, the newly arrived flagship of 2023 – the OnePlus 11 is pacing ahead with its dynamic technologies, especially the vibration feature (Haptics) from which Samsung should take inspiration.

Yes, we have already mentioned that OnePlus 11 installs an amazing Bionic Vibration Motor. This implementation helps in offering the best vibration experience to the smartphone. On the flip side, it also appears the right equipment for the Haptics purpose and is considered the most powerful element in Android devices so far.

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For your information, Haptics is any type of tech element that provides a noticeable vibrating response. For instance, long-pressing on the screen or an instant beep sound while playing games or unlocking your phone with an in-display fingerprint sensor. Although, it doesn’t have any crucial role in the smartphone. Yet it offers a confident and satisfying experience to users.

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And in the latest development, OnePlus has excelled in this subject. The company has attached a sophisticated vibration motor that solely works in enhancing the vibration and haptic experience of the smartphone. It provides 500+ O-Haptics system-level adjustments. Moreover, the combination of the Haptics Vibration with the curved display goes perfectly. Thus, Samsung should take inspiration from OnePlus 11 on how to provide curved screen phones under an affordable range with ultimate Haptics (vibration feature).

OnePlus 11 vibration feature Samsung

Users’ Expectations: A user recently described what customers are really looking for in Samsung devices. He further mentioned that as a consumer, individuals like to have good haptics and tiny features. Eventually, these elements leave a lasting impression on the smartphone user.

In the meantime, the user also said that Samsung should focus on display technologies. The company has attached good screens for S20 and S20+ devices. But thereafter, the manufacturer only had their attention on the cost-cutting.

Overall, everything is fine with the Samsung products. But vibration and haptics are something that OnePlus is exceeding with its latest flagship model. It would be worth seeing how the Chinese tech giant will overtake the Korean company in the time ahead.

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