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Samsung to cut prices for Galaxy Note 20 flagship

by Ashish

Samsung is planning to cut the prices of the flagship Galaxy Note series of smartphones. It seems that this is how the South Korean manufacturer is trying to stimulate demand to compensate for the lack of new models.

In particular, the company has increased subsidies for the Galaxy Note 10 model launched in 2019 and lower prices for the Galaxy Note 20 model launched in September 2020. The decline in prices for the flagship model, since the start of sales of which has not yet passed a year, according to the source, is typical.

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For example, the aforementioned Galaxy Note10 model fell in price only after a year and three months from the date of launch. Industry observers predict that the Galaxy Note20 Ultra will also be affected in the near term by lower retail prices and increased subsidies.

This is because Samsung has no plans to release the next generation Galaxy Note this year. Typically, the company manages to sell about 10 million new Note series devices in a year. The price cuts are intended to help fill this gap.

The manufacturer promised to release the next model Galaxy Note in 2022, denying rumors about the termination of the series.


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