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Samsung used Suprema’s under display fingerprint biometrics for Galaxy S21 series

by Ashish

Samsung Galaxy flagships come with ultrasonic under-display fingerprint sensors. This functionality not only helps users to keep their privacy but can also work with app locks for various applications.

So, some of you were thinking that this level of security is possible by Samsung itself. Well, it’s true but not fully, because this biometric access has been installed with the help of Suprema and Qualcomm.

Suprema is the company that designs the fingerprint algorithm in the name of BioSign 4.0, while Qualcomm is responsible for its latest generation 3D Sonic Sensor technology.

However, it is been used by the Korean tech giant in its several smartphones including the latest Galaxy S21, Galaxy Note 20 series, Galaxy S10, and other older devices.

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“Suprema’s fingerprint recognition technology has been continuously selected for the Samsung Galaxy S series, proving to the world the technological superiority of our solution,” said Brian Song, the president of Suprema Inc.

After being implemented in the latest flagships, BioSign 4.0 receiving great reviews for its fingerprint recognition speed and enhanced accuracy compared to its predecessor BioSign 3.0.

It is possible due to the larger sensor that works from a deep learning mechanism and 77%-larger fingerprint sensing area, which significantly improves recognition performance.

On the other hand, it has an ultra-thin form factor that is optically isolated from the display panel allowing for a sleek smartphone design.

Besides, we expect in the coming days that this Biometric technology will improve a lot that eventually grows Suprema as well as Samsung for selling its smartphones, by marketing this innovative security hardware.

“With the excellent reviews BioSign 4.0 has been receiving for its overpowering performance and user convenience, we expect to be able to grow sales and market share. Suprema will continue to advance our fingerprint and face recognition technologies using AI and deep learning, leading the biometrics market into the future,” Song remarked.


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