Smartphones sold in India may be forced to allow bloatware removal

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OnePlus, Samsung, and other tech makers in India may be forged to allow bloatware removal services in smartphones. Usually, all pre-installed applications can’t be uninstalled due to limitations. Fortunately, this will not be the case anymore.

According to some external sources, Govt. of India is planning to ramp up scrutiny around mobile operating systems and pre-installed apps from OEMs in the smartphone market.

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The administration is setting up new rules, which require the manufacturers to allow the removal of bloatware and pre-installed apps from smartphones in India.

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In addition, India’s IT Ministry is expected to introduce the screening of mobile software before the devices are brought into the market. This new rule will put vendors like OnePlus, Samsung, and Xiaomi in trouble and could cause a delay in the launch of upcoming devices.

Smartphones India bloatware removal

Furthermore, the report says that these rules come in the wake of the government’s crackdown on data abuse and spying allegations using smartphones and other mobile devices.

An official revealed that pre-installed apps can be a weak security point and we want to ensure no foreign nations, including China, are exploiting it. Due to anti-China sentiments created after the 2020 border clash, the Govt of India banned whopping 300 Chinese apps in the country.

Some of the developers tried to relaunch the banned apps with changes in functionality and policies, but the Govt. didn’t let them do the same.

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