Will there be no more security updates for OnePlus 7 series?

Will there be no more security updates for OnePlus 7 series?

OnePlus is quite busy with the tugs and tweaks of its next high-end model – the OnePlus 11. The Chinese tech maker is hammering its hands on the respective device for months. But in the meantime, the company has forgotten about distributing the security updates to many of its old phones, for instance, the OnePlus 7 series.

A OnePlus 7T smartphone user reported that it’s been a long while since his device tasted any new firmware. The latest security patch in his handset is still on August 2022, whereas we are already climbing the last month of this year. Notably, not one or two but many OnePlus 7 series smartphones didn’t receive many security updates so far.


A possibility is that the user might forget about checking for the new updates or his corresponding device. But the same chances can not occur with multiple consumers simultaneously. As per the OnePlus 7T phone owner, it has been four months since the device obtained a new software version on its surface.

To get a clearance, the user even asked about the EOL announcement (End Of Life) for his OnePlus 7T model. Since it is a 2019 model, there could be possibilities that the device would have completed its lifespan and won’t receive further upgrades.

“Still August security patch is latest for 7T series, almost 4 months gone, Any EOL announcement?”

Following the track, another user said that the company promised to offer 1 last year of security updates for the OnePlus 7 series. However, the tech maker stopped it very earlier than it was supposed to be. So what does it mean? Will there be no more security updates for the OnePlus 7 series?

Just a slowdown in update distribution!

In recent times, we found that the company is still rolling out the Android 12-based OxygenOS 12 firmware update for the OnePlus 7 series phones. Hence, it would be just a slowdown in the regular updates for the 7th smartphone lineup. Meanwhile, the company hasn’t made any EOL declaration for the OnePlus 7 lineup till now. Thus, we might see a new security update for these devices by the end of this month.

Will there be no more security updates for OnePlus 7 series?

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